In Our Hearts’ True Home, edited by Virginia Niuewsma, we are provided with several wonderful accounts written by women who made their way into the Orthodox Church. Each account is wonderfully unique, having been written by women of all ages, from all backgrounds and coming from completely different walks of life. Frederica Mathewes-Green, who is a well-known podcaster on Ancient Faith Radio, explains how, at first, it felt like she was in the passenger seat as her husband compelled her to become Orthodox. Yet, in her account she fell in love with Christ and the Truth and Beauty of the Orthodox Church. Shelley Hatfield, the wife of Father Chad Hatfield, the current dean of St Vladimir’s Seminary, explains how the Orthodox Church unwaveringly preserves the True Faith which was “once and for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3). Magdalena Berry, who grew up in a secular Jewish household, writes about how she first encountered Christ through her African-American “maid”, Ellen, and eventually became a non-denominational Christian who nonetheless continued to seek the Church. Magdalena eventually encountered the Orthodox Church through a Russian Monk who visited her parish, and became Orthodox shortly after, having been drawn by the holiness of the church and its authentic spirituality. Magdalena Berry is currently married to Father Moses Berry, an African American Priest in the OCA, who makes an effort to minister to African Americans and introduce them to the Church which accepts all races and nations. Overall, this beautiful book ought to shake us from our complacency so that we may truly appreciate the Pearl of Great Price and seek to introduce it to others.