Our Mission

Our Mission2017-10-25T13:58:20+10:00

We Want You To Be Awesome!

Our ultimate goal must be to see that our youth grow to love Christ and His Church and to pursue a righteous way of life

We believe that the goal of Orthodox Christian Youth Ministry is the integration of each young person fully into the total life of the Church. We believe that Orthodox Christians must commit themselves to living the Orthodox Faith daily to further develop in becoming successful young Orthodox individuals and families.


Who is ACOY?2017-10-25T13:46:23+10:00

ACOY stands for Antiochian Christian Orthodox Youth.

Established in 2000 and it’s function has been quite similar since the beginning… to unite our parishes and do good in Australia and all of our archdiocese, for the glory of God!

ACOY is a movement of Antiochian Orthodox churches working together to change the nation through a network of church leaders, national gatherings, training events and resources while giving all glory to God.

Our Mission

Living The Orthodox Faith In Christ Through Worship, Witness, Service And Fellowship

WORSHIP – For Orthodox Christians, participating in the Holy Tradition through worshiping together is the sacramental expression of our faith. We must also cultivate a daily personal prayer life and reading of Holy Scripture.

WITNESS – Christ call us to be His witness in the world. We must educate our youth and equip them to express their faith through their words and deeds to others in order to be true witnesses to Christ and the Orthodox Faith; in order grow=Christ’s vineyard.

SERVICE – Christ came not to be served but to serve. We need to encourage our youth to do the same. We honour and glorify God by loving and serving others in the name of Jesus Christ, using our God-given gifts and talents.

FELLOWSHIP – The Holy Trinity is the perfect model of fellowship; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit share perfect communion and exist in perfect love as community. By gathering together in fellowship, and by showing love for o­ne another in Christ, we emulate the life of the Holy Trinity in our daily life.

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