Prayer Is the crown of good things…

St. John Chrysostom’s Homily “on Prayer”:

“Prayer is the crown of good things and the foundation and root of the virtuous life, let no one say this as an excuse for their indolence. For neither prudence alone can save without the other virtues, nor the care of the poor, or goodness, or any other of the virtues, for they must all work together in our souls. Prayer is always there as the root and the foundation. As the keel makes the ship strong and holds it together as a unified whole, and as the foundations hold up the building, by the same token, our life is upheld and strengthened by prayers, without which nothing good and salutary can come to us: “Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving” (Col. 4:2).”

ACOY aims to equip the youth of our archdiocese to “seek the kingdom of God” on the Earth.

Prayer life is essential to the life of the Christian faithful and this can be witnessed through Christ, the prophets, the saints, and all those who fight the good fight. ACOY is working to create a library of prayer to equip all Orthodox Christians with a prayer for any moment or situation. This is in progress and ACOY will be working with the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese to do this!